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What is jAlbum for?

jAlbum creates sophisticated web photo albums – or even complete web pages – from your images. Just drop a few images onto the application, press Make album and your album is ready to view F12. Finally, it takes just one more step – Upload – to publish it to the internet.

Photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash
Photo by Niclas Moser on Unsplash
Photo by Fidel Fernando on Unsplash
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Photo by Matthias Blonski on Unsplash
Photo by Suganth on Unsplash

In jAlbum, you can organize your images in any hierarchy. Quite a few users have tens of thousands of images in a single album, organized into deep folder structures. However, it's best keeping the number of the images in a single folder below cca. 500–600, in order to avoid slowdowns on the visitor's browsers.

Do you like pets? Here are two folders full of them.


9 Afbeeldingen

What content can be used?

Besides images, videos and folders you can add many things to a jAlbum album. For example, this text was added as a Custom page New page → Empty page. By default jAlbum creates separate HTML pages of these custom pages, but in modern skins, you can also embed them into the index page (supported by Story skin, Photoblogger 3+ and Tiger 3+).

If you’d like to add text formatting on these pages (or chapters), use jAlbum’s built-in HTML editor! (Available since v21)

To add an image – like this one above –, first drop it onto the album's top level "res" folder. (Create one if there’s no such.) Then you can refer to this picture from any place in the album as ${resPath}/imageName.png.

You can also add external pages, like the one below with New page → Web location:

Create stunning online photo albums with jAlbum. Discover the most powerful web album-making tool there is!


The people behind jAlbum

Our team is made up of David Ekholm as CEO, jAlbum founder and client developer, Anders Callertun as backend developer, site manager, and Laszlo Molnar (Laza) as skin developer and web designer.

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